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Tracy King’s work depicts her fascination with a universal spirit, consciousnesses, wisdom and transformation through abstraction. Her work celebrates the idea of duality through her bold and contrasting use of color, line, shapes and mediums. As a result, in her quest to deeply explore and depict beauty and authenticity the artist leaves the viewer with a sense of wonder, flow and reflection”.

– Warren Keating, Director of ViVO Contemporary

Icon Painting


Abstract painting allows me to create in the most free and expressive way. It demands that I listen to my inner voice, take risks, and be comfortable with not having any real beginning or ending; It requires that I be fully present during the journey of the making. I have to trust my intuition to know when it is complete in its expression. It’s a metaphor for the way I try to live my life.

Icon Wax


Working in wax is a sensual experience. The medium allows me to work in a very fluid way, working in both an additive and subtractive manner, creating many layers of transparency and texture. Working in encaustic, the hot beeswax has a beautiful aroma and grounding element.

Icon Collage


Working in collage and mixed media allows me to take disparate pieces of things that already exist in life and make new connections and meaning. It gives me the ultimate possibility to play with shapes, textures and imagery, all of which open the eye up to new perspectives and visual context.

Icon Printmaking


Printmaking challenges me to embrace and play with complexity. It allows me to combine facets of other mediums that I enjoy working in. As I build my original pieces, which often require many passes through the press, the layers of color and imagery take on a richer, stronger and more emboldened voice.


Based on a profound life changing butterfly encounter, one of my first artistic projects as I was learning to paint, was to dedicate a handful of years to painting a Butterfly Series in honor of my mother and the meaningful gift she gave me. Though I no longer paint these specimens, their majestic beauty does inform and inspire my art. I remain in awe of their perfection, colors and transformational qualities. I believe the butterfly is one of the most beautiful and magical creatures on earth. Their lives are short, but punctuated by courage, strength and grace. They are a symbol of freedom, transformation and renewal. Ancient traditions believed they carry the spirits and messages of our loved ones from the afterlife, and this I know first hand.