Tracy King | Golden Threads V | Mixed Media | 16"H x 13"W



Tracy King | Golden Threads VII | Mixed Media | 16"H x 13"W


Do you ever get the feeling that all things are some how mysteriously woven together and connected in your life? Perhaps coincidences are not coincidences. This has always been a fascination of mine. Things may not make sense at first, and we may not fully understand why opportunities and or people show up, but then we discover a connection that is just too profound to be accidental. We ask ourselves it this just a coincidence or perhaps something destined by fate. The universal laws, and findings within quantum physics, prove that we are all connected whether we acknowledge it or not. Our lives are fully intertwined with that of universe, nature and other humans. It is a divine connection that is beyond what can be seen. It is only our egos that keep us separate. This is what I like to think of as the golden thread. I long for a world where the barriers and divisions dissolve and we can co-exist in a more collaborative and peaceful way.

Tracy King | Revolution | Mixed Media | 12"H x 12"W


As we navigate our current times I believe we are experiencing a mass awakening and elevation of consciousness. These are both difficult and exciting times. A convergence of darkness and light. As all change demands, we are finding our way through uncharted territory, destroying old structures and beliefs to make way for the new. Everything feels more extreme and urgent ~ times of exponential change and evolution.

Nebula III | Mixed Media on Cradle Board | 10"H x 10"W x 2"D


Like me, have you begun to look up into the night skies with a bit more curiosity and wonder?

I believe the reason this is happening is that as a species we are experiencing an accelerated time in our evolution. A time when old structures and paradigms are quickly crumbling and we are transforming into new ways of operating and being. Also, with all the scientific advancements we are being exposed to and educated about the universe as never before. The majority of people are interested and involved in elevating their consciousness which is making this a very exciting, tumultuous and accelerated time in human evolution. This series is a reflection on and celebration of the necessity of both order and chaos, man’s unique ability to think and the need for continuous change. Also, let this be a reminder that we are part of something much bigger and more powerful than ourselves; A collective, connected force.

Tracy King | Awakenings V | Paper Collage on Board | 16.25


This body of work was created during my time living in Mexico when I had just left urban life and began experiencing a slower pace, an embodiment of truly being and, as a result, my world became more vibrant which gave me a whole new perspective on both seeing and feeling.

Tracy King | Dance of the Senses VII | Collage on Paper | 15


This body of work was done while I was spending an extended period of time in Florence, Italy. My daily cadence was slowed to a healthy and stress-less state and my senses were exploding with new found elements of joy ~ A feeling of Joie De Vivre. When our senses are sharpened we have the ability to find so much beauty and happiness in the everyday.