Tracy King | Desert Scape III | Monotype on Paper | 24



Tracy King | Desert Scape IV | Monotype on Paper | 24


The inspiration for this body of work is the magnificent colors that are characteristic of the desert skies and landscapes of the Southwest. The intensity of light and form takes one’s senses to new heights.

Tracy King | Allotropy II | Monotype, Collage, Drawing, and Acrylic on Paper | 27"H x 19"W


The inspiration for this work is my fascination with the way different and unexpected elements are always finding new and mysterious ways to connect and bond.

Tracy King | Matriarchy II | Monotype Intaglio on Paper | 32


The inspiration for this body of work is to celebrate and reveal the unique complexity of our sexual orientation and exploration. As human beings we have a primal desire to know thyself. It seems we spend a lifetime unraveling the layers of what makes us who we truly are. The social expectations, norms and insistence for conformity makes this journey a complex one and one that most find extremely challenging. Ultimately, we are looking for a way to find our authentic way home to ourselves.

I am yearning to live in a world where we celebrate the essence of the feminine and masculine completely and equally – our power lies in our authentic understanding of self and our union with others, in whatever way we choose to do this. And, I believe when we can achieve this, we have a boundless ability to create more love, happiness and peace.

This multi layered process of printmaking is done by using a variety of custom plates and running them through the press many times. My imagery is created by using a combination of custom photography and found images to create collages, then solar plates are created and an Intaglio process is done. The development of unique collages and layering of plates allows me to express the complexity of the role gender plays in our lives.

This series was done in collaboration with Ron Pokrasso in Santa Fe, NM.

Tracy King | Rise IX | Monotype Intaglio and Collage on Paper | 45


This work was inspired by the 2017 “Me Too” movement. This movement was a national and international social movement against sexual abuse and sexual harassment towards women.

There is a tremendous amount of work to be done by both sexes. For the oppression to stop, women must first love and value themselves enough to believe they deserve better, that they are equal to their male counterparts and that they deserve to be treated with respect and fairness. We must find the courage to realize our dreams, examine our lives, do our personal work, understand and challenge the trappings and conventions of societal norms, shine our light, own our power, be self reliant, find our voices, support one another, ban together and act. And, for men, we need you to respect yourselves, respect us and stand with us side by side as equals in life. The world is crying out for gender equality and balancing. Perhaps when we have a balance between matriarchy and patriarchy we will find true peace.

This process is a unique multi layered process that is achieved by creating original collages with paper, making solar plates of the collages and then doing a combination of Intaglio, collage and chine-collie which all take many passes through the press.

The work was done in collaboration with master printer Ron Pokrasso in Santa Fe, NM.

Tracy King | Orange Skull | Monotype Intaglio on Paper | 30.75


This work was done when I was living in San Miquel de Allende, Mexico; a time of significant personal transformation. I was captivated and surrounded by the historic and rich iconography of Latin American culture.

Time slowed down allowing for more reflection and vulnerability ~ It was a time of seeing life through an illuminated lens.

This work was created using a multi faceted approach of starting with original collages, developing metal plates and using oil based inks in an Intaglio process.

The work was done in collaboration with master printer Jennifer Lynch, Lynch Pin Press Inc, in Taos, New Mexico.